Fediverse instance indexers seem to have one thing in common: no checks for "has this instance been returning HTTP errors for the last year".

I should maybe start filing bugs, but I don't feel like it.
@Sammy8806 Hey, do you run It seems to be the host behind https://mastopeek.app-dist.eu/ which whoever owns that IP seems to be pointing to.

Does your bot/indexer currently observe HTTP status codes? It seems to be not fazed by getting 502 for a really long time now.

PS It might be nice to include "mastopeek.app-dist.eu" in the user-agent string, instead of just leaving the default of "python-requests/2.18.4"? Or at least to set up a port-80 response for, explaining what's happening? :-)

@ivan Hey, yeah I do ...
Wait .... it requests with the default user-agent? That really shouldn't be.

Oops ... forgot to set the headers for non-mastodon requests

And the indexer should see any status codes (are we talking about vucica.net?)

Nope! apt.vucica.net which was up for a total of maybe 1.5h in early 2018, and only for dev use :-)

@ivan ahh ... that :makibomb:

Yeah .. my throtteling for abondoned instances is somewhat in the works but not that good working

But this type of abondoned shouldn't really be counted as "active instance"

I only know I still see traffic from a few crawlers :)
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