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Code of Conduct

The one big rule here is "Don't be a dick".
Some more specific rules here are:
  • Respect each other
  • follow Human Rights (please?)
  • Tag your explicit content
  • Do not use explicit (NSFW, NSFL) avatars and profile headers
Also not really rules, but be real:
  • Please post NSFW content unlisted
  • If you crosspost regularly, please post as unlisted
This list may be appended if needed, so don't push it. If you are deemed violating these rules (or their interpretations), you are subject to moderative actions like silencing or banning

Little addition for Bots & Commercial

They should:
  • Be marked as such (Bot-Flag)
  • Please post as unlisted

Server is hosted in Germany by Hetzner. So please ... respekt the German laws.
PS: And yep, I mean the 8th ISO/OSI layer :P