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I'm gonna die of this headache ugh. At the back of my eyes, I feel like being stabbed and my temporal is throbbing

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Ugh meds aren't working for this severe headache I have 😞

No matter how mature we act, there will be times when we will fall short. That's why I don't read as much as before about "self-improvement" anymore.

i'm so sick i need some rest but i can't sleep

You know that feeling when you are so sad and hurt, yet you can't cry? Just this sadness is overwhelming. 😢

The thought of him being with someone else soon is terrifying. But yeah, I guess, I will be fine with it as time goes by. I won't be in a relationship tho. If there is something I have learned is not to love as hard anymore.

I know I am strong enough to endure this pain. I will be fine.

What is this sick fashion where grown up men and women wear baby diapers. Wtf? Gross.🙄

Finally home though my whole body aches from that almost 16 hours of journey on my way home😪

Stuck in the bus, and my bladder is full. Ugh

I don't think this pain will ever end.

I like that kind of friend who makes sure you are fine

My heart aches a lot. So tired. So heartbroken. How does someone just never realize the value you have given them?

Life is testing my patience for real. Still waiting for the bus. I'm so exhausted. Still, the good thing is, I got to catch the last trip. I'll be fine💪

Cause when you love someone, you throw yourself inside the fire. Just to see if it burns.
Just to see if (s)he cares.

The stupid things you do for love makes you hate yourself once it's over. But I guess, that's what just love is. No sense arguing with what happened anyway. I'm happy I have friends left who are there to cheer me up.

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