I'm losing money on this double btc and hyip bots. Not all are scam, but I'm so unlucky to have invested on those that were. Rekt :dank:

I can't wait for the time to come when I just woke up and stopped caring about shit that hurts me at the moment.

What's a good topic to write about? I can't sleep, so I need suggestions. :makibomb:

The guy at the mall approached me to sell the benefits of credit card, and I immediately refused. Credit card as well as the printing of the fiat out of thin air should be illegal. 🙄 🙄

It's crazy how people take the ones who care about them for granted.

What's a good song to listen to? Fishing for some recommendations.

They say we'll go to hell. Let's find a cheap motel and stay a couple nights. And when our time is done, we'll go back on the run. Do whatever we like🎵

Life gets easier when you think of your struggles as just a game.

Bazzi's song called "Mine" gets me high 🎶 :makibomb:

My fever won't go down😖 What a great way to start this year.

Starting 2019 with a fever. 😷 I'm part of the lucky ones...


Today, I decided to create an account on Mastodon. I wonder what makes this different than the rest of dapps I've tried.

So, for my first post, it's gonna be this artwork that I created out of Simple Plan's song called "Ordinary Life."🎶

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