I see the streets burn along with all my memories. I'm losing all my sanity. I can't hide from the voice that speaks inside of me.

I just wanna leave everything behind.

Maybe, what I need is to stop talking.

I don't want this same old pain anymore. Tired of feeling like everything is a struggle or like it's good now, then the next day it's just bad. High low. High low. It's crazy.

I told myself I'd take responsibility for my life. I have to keep that promise to myself. And by loving myself, I should quit on people who make me lose my mind.

Medium sucks. You have to log in either with Google or Facebook account only.

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What search engine are you using?

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The lead developer of Fedilab has a new project called Fedvice:


It's a database for keyword searches of Fediverse instances (including Mastodon, Pleroma, Friendica, PixelFed, PeerTube).

-You can get suggestions by messaging Fedvice with hashtags

-You can add an instance by messaging Fedvice with an instance URL and some hashtags

-You can also remove your data by messaging it with the word "delete"

It's an open source project, the source code is here:

The only thing that's missing on Telegram is video chat.

Taking responsibility for your life is a hard work but worth it in the long run.


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My artwork today. It's supposed to be dark hair, but I ended up making her a blonde girl. #pixelfedart
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