Since I started to work with industrial cameras which don't do any image processing or compression for you (they just give you the raw sensor readouts) I really started to appreciate what digital cameras do with ease: The cameras I use aren't special: They record with 20 FPS at 2k and yet I need a 1 Gbit network connection for each camera. I do all image processing after the fact because if I were to do it in real time, I could not keep up with 20 FPS. And yet, smartphones do that in real time

One of the IMO worst breaking changes in was the introduction of modules in . Still, after 4 years it comes back to haunt me in the weirdest ways possible...

Yeah, I heard of Pandoc as well. A friend of mine wrote his Bachelor Thesis using Pandoc. As weird as this may sound though: I love LaTeX for writing documents, I just hate it whenever I write macros πŸ™ˆ

You know you're reading a high quality paper when you see properly formatted equations like this one...

@gom @bsi
Das Internet ist doch fΓΌr uns alle Neuland... πŸ™ƒ

One thing I hate about LaTeX: Whenever i write software, I write it in a self-explanatory way, such that I can still understand what's going on 2 weeks later. With LaTeX, the syntax is so convoluted that I cannot make my macros readable, no matter how hard I try...

The last 0,0% when exporting a video in Premiere Pro always take ages ....

@reinerh The start page is not that invasive, but as soon as you go on one of the product pages, the madness starts.

@reinerh Why? I mean yes, using Google Analytics isn't 100% clean, but at least it's easy to block, plus they use Cookiebot to manager their cookies, which is good. Conrad on the other hand hands data not only to one company but to a bazillion.

Note: I am not trying to defend Stemmer, I am just angry at Conrad.

Let's try that crowd knowledge: I am looking for an app or web service to track my spendings, but I want the app to automatically learn my regular spendings. So far, I only found apps that required me to add everything myself and that is pretty painful :/ Thanks already ;)

When you are out in the wild, sitting in a pile of dirt with your rugged Dell Latitude notebook but don't want to miss your RGB keyboard πŸ™ƒ

My boss just told me that Google publishes the library. A where they provide hacks for all the that vendors have in their implementation of the API. An official workaround library by Google 🀣

@Pixdigit Yeah, but internally, git stores renamed files as a deleted file and a newly created file. Displaying it as a renamed or moved file just makes it easier for a user to understand what's going on, but in that case, it was more confusing than helping πŸ™ƒ

Another one of those weird git moments: I deleted a file and created a new completely different one, yet git thinks that I renamed the file because...well...they have the same copyright notice πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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"We all deserve to be stupid for at least 5 minutes per day" - Probably the wisest thing I heard today πŸ€ͺ

@tafami You see mostly Japanese stuff because many people on this server apparently like Japanese content. Hence this server federates with many Japanese servers.

Rubber duck debugging is such a great tool - not only for programming! I just explained my entire master thesis to my dad and just like that, another major issue is solved :)

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