A company that cares about privacy vs. one that doesn't...

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@reinerh Why? I mean yes, using Google Analytics isn't 100% clean, but at least it's easy to block, plus they use Cookiebot to manager their cookies, which is good. Conrad on the other hand hands data not only to one company but to a bazillion.

Note: I am not trying to defend Stemmer, I am just angry at Conrad.

@vatbub In my opinion any 3rd-party request is not privacy friendly.
If they want to somehow manage their cookies or use analytics, there are also solutions they could selfhost.
I agree it's much better than on many other websites, but I wouldn't call it privacy-friendly yet.

Also strangely conrad is not that invasive for me.

@reinerh @vatbub I'm just guessing but additional stuff is probably loaded via gstatic

@reinerh The start page is not that invasive, but as soon as you go on one of the product pages, the madness starts.

@vatbub Ah, you are right, on product pages it's here also trying to load more scripts.
(Though still not as many as on your screenshot, probably because other scripts were already blocked, as @Sammy8806 suggested.)

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