Since I started to work with industrial cameras which don't do any image processing or compression for you (they just give you the raw sensor readouts) I really started to appreciate what digital cameras do with ease: The cameras I use aren't special: They record with 20 FPS at 2k and yet I need a 1 Gbit network connection for each camera. I do all image processing after the fact because if I were to do it in real time, I could not keep up with 20 FPS. And yet, smartphones do that in real time

One of the IMO worst breaking changes in was the introduction of modules in . Still, after 4 years it comes back to haunt me in the weirdest ways possible...

You know you're reading a high quality paper when you see properly formatted equations like this one...

One thing I hate about LaTeX: Whenever i write software, I write it in a self-explanatory way, such that I can still understand what's going on 2 weeks later. With LaTeX, the syntax is so convoluted that I cannot make my macros readable, no matter how hard I try...

The last 0,0% when exporting a video in Premiere Pro always take ages ....

Let's try that crowd knowledge: I am looking for an app or web service to track my spendings, but I want the app to automatically learn my regular spendings. So far, I only found apps that required me to add everything myself and that is pretty painful :/ Thanks already ;)

When you are out in the wild, sitting in a pile of dirt with your rugged Dell Latitude notebook but don't want to miss your RGB keyboard 🙃

My boss just told me that Google publishes the library. A where they provide hacks for all the that vendors have in their implementation of the API. An official workaround library by Google 🤣

Another one of those weird git moments: I deleted a file and created a new completely different one, yet git thinks that I renamed the file because...well...they have the same copyright notice 🤦‍♂️

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"We all deserve to be stupid for at least 5 minutes per day" - Probably the wisest thing I heard today 🤪

Rubber duck debugging is such a great tool - not only for programming! I just explained my entire master thesis to my dad and just like that, another major issue is solved :)

Wenn ihr gerade mit ins wollt:

Die hat mich gebeten, ein kleines Video zu machen, in dem ich etwas über meinen in erzähle und auch einige Tipps und Tricks gebe 😉

Ich habe gerade spaßeshalber in die allererste Folge vom Podcast reingehört, in der Tim Pritlove meinte: Die Sendungen werden nur ganz kurz (10-15 Minuten), denn nicht jeder will sich gleich eine 3-Stundensendung anhören. Tja, so ändern sich die Zeiten 🙃 @chaosradio

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