Can someone explain to me/show me a proof of why tf UUIDs are universally unique???????

Also I’m designing a MIPS like processor (think a fifth of the functionality of Z80) that has an Overclock command that can set its own clock speed.

I guess I’m one of those engineers that does cocaine lmao.

TIL MIPS doesn’t actually have a load command it’s just ADD $a $b 0.
I’m convinced computer scientists are just engineers who do cocaine.

Vim bindings in MY Java environment? It’s more likely than you think.

once every hundred years, Dracula rises from his grave and enters the ring to defend his title in WRESTLEVANIA

Update: tried compiling my java package this morning, got a different compilation error every time.

Conclusion: Java is the devils work and Oracle must die

My gf is a country girl, and one of the things that she gets excited about is dumpsters, since you never see them in the countryside.

One of the guys I’m working with took 15 minutes to reboot his HP windows 10 laptop and I want to die

As an April prank, tech and web giants pretend to respect your privacy

til, there's a species of owl literally called "powerful owl"

"The powerful owl (Ninox strenua) is a species of owl native to south-eastern and eastern Australia, the largest owl on that continent. It is found in coastal areas, the Great Dividing Range rarely more than 200 km (120 mi) inland"

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