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having small vocab is good for language.
makes use of being literall!!!!

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halsteigh má finns dogos

ølsaa eyr reybjär

oxstig kæru nifiera

päähe nen Már faa

dein sveit hól

var maa jaa

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@EthanTheEnigma @Jessica I'm fumo

things i do

cause space horse

make horror phantasmagoria space thing.

throw knives at people
(sometimes for fun)
other susi things

i need learn way of funny haha.

speak dogo language & promote my comrades.
make puppet maiden


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Mai kaen Milch sotlens vé
gävle eyr knickas veraidd

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this is what happens to today. 1!!!1!1!1!1!!1
foxy wive will very much appreciate

i think thjs is origin of dógos

we were a baltic whale struck by lightning
then another git sturkc by lightning in a wheat field.

it sweird.
i try finding others who are dógo.
maybe one day I'll find kelpies

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Venezuela convince pope thayt capybara is fish

(they eat it, the capybara here in Venezuela)

remember when i made a death lazer so i could blow um mercury and make mars habitle.

such a war criminal move.
im going to get booted of llanet if i don't make propoganda soon.

they love me so mucch ෆ╹ .̮ ╹ෆ
they could see others on horizons waiting to take me.

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