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Sylke Vicious @silkevicious

Good morning ppl!
Today i hope to finish my migration fron to .
I already migrated to nextcloud notes. Let's it! 💪

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@theru good morning mate! Oh I have a question for you since saturday, i see you run, do you use any fitness tracker? I'm using Garmin but i wonder if there's some alternatives...

I use a suunto watch so i just use and openambit to upload to it. So the only FOSS bit in that is openambit.

@theru thank you. That's a shame there isn't a FOSS service for fitness things... 😞 but i suppose that's because proprietary hardware and protocols maybe...

true - there probably are a few different apps for this but I never looked into it. Movescount works fine for me at the moment and I can upload my running/mountainbiking to it. I might have a look if there is something else
might have a look :) I can always import stuff from movescount (you can export in kml)