Cyclists, aesthetes, artists, whathever! Come here, i need your help!

This will be probably my next . But i can't choose which color!

Quick poll!

A: black opaque/lucid
B: cyan/green
C: blue?/red
D: yellow*

Vote vote vote! 😃

*model 2018, but frame and components are the same.

Poll update:
A: 2
B: 1
C: 1
D: 2

Vote is open until monday at midday CET

@silkevicious Oooh, I am torn between the elegance of A and the high visibility of D. I would probably go with D though

@silkevicious since you ask for cyclists' advice:
I'd go for A, cause I love stealthy bikes.
If, instead, you'd prefer some color... I'd choose option B

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