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#2: We want information, information, information.

#6: Who are you?

#2: The new number 2

#6: Who is number 1?

#2: You are number 6

#6: I am not a number, I am a free man!

#2: Ahahahahah!

[Cit. The Prisoner (TV Series 1967) / Iron Maiden - The Prisoner]

This morning we reached 42%, now we've just raised over the 50% bar! Y'all are wonderful! \o/
Keep sharing and talking about #PeerTube: together, we have 15 days left to make it happen!

BREAKING: The EU JURI committee has passed #Article13. This requires sites to filter all submissions against a database of copyrighted worksโ€”creating a #CensorshipMachine that puts thousands of daily activities and millions of Internet users at the mercy of algorithmic filters.

BREAKING: The EU Parliament's JURI committee has approved #Article11. This #LinkTax will hurt those who use the Internet for sharing, punish projects like Wikipedia, and โ€œposes a significant threat to an informed and literate society," according to the research community.

Totally not my musical genre, but i can't stop listening to it!
Nesli - Viva la vita

The Internet as we know it is in danger. Stop #Article13 to prevent censorship online. Sign the petition before tomorrow's vote. Let's keep the Internet free!

And so #Youtube won't allow the #Blender Foundation to share its creative commons licensed videos on the platform if they don't monetize it? Really? #b3d updated to latest version of my branch:

- refactoring changes have reduced server memory consumption by half

- mastodon frontend's "posts" vs "posts with replies" now work as expected

- boosts from people you don't follow no longer appear on your home timeline

- all remaining follower relationship leaks are cleaned up when a block is processed now

The #EuropeanParliament is voting on 20th June on changes to the #CopyrightDirective.

#Article13 would mean automated content filters (like YouTube uses) on all sites. Large corporations would be able to censor and spy on all internet content, because they would be running the filters on behalf of smaller sites:

Call/email your MEP *today* to say no to Article 13, especially if they're on this list of committee members:


Distrowatch News: Distribution Release: Devuan GNU+Linux 2.0.0 The "Veteran UNIX Admins" have announced the release of Devuan GNU+Linux 2.0.0, a new stable build from the project that forked Debian in late 2014 to build a systemd-free variant of the popular community distribution. Devuan's second release is based on Debian 9.0 and carries a code name....

I forgot to say good morning to the ! people! ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿฟ

So today it's a big day for the new house. We'll go to buy some furniture, bed and sofa at Ikea! (and we'll take this opportunity to eat some swedish things for lunch, salmon for sure!)

/me before

/me after coffee
I love you guys, you're the best ๐Ÿ˜˜