hi hello Haiti is having a crisis of its own right now but the regime is US-backed so you won't be hearing about it. But next time you buy your bulk pack of underwear try to keep in mind how low Haitian workers must be paid when you only have to drop a ten spot on it.

there's a Quantum Leap poster in episode S04E10 of Seinfeld when George and Jerry are waiting in the NBC lobby and I'd like to acquire it somehow.

let's take a minute to remember all those who peaked during their punk house years

boost if u:

-Love Maddie
-Think Maddie is great
-Think Maddie is cool
-Want to marry Maddie
-think Maddie is pretty and cute
-like trains

no one will ever know which one

I don't think there's anything wrong with it. The gas had been unpaid for longer than I've been in the apartment.

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I told this to plan to a chatroom and was told that I was in the wrong for trying to get free gas to what I guess could be called 'user oversight'.

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the previous tenant of this apartment didn't transfer their gas bill info so I've been getting free gas for the past 6 months and the plan was to try to ride it out until the end of the lease and just leave knowing I got free gas, but they turned it off yesterday and I'll have to go and transfer it to me now.

it is with a heavy heart that I had to mute an account called greatest hentai in the world. it was cluttering up my federated feed. i'm sorry.

english spoken with an extremely steretypical german accent is funny. do not @ me.

is it classist thinking the name jimbo is funny. i just get a kick out of saying it. jimbo.

be sure to click here and here. if you haven't seen my other videos, then click the corner there and watch that before continuing. okay, now when people ask me about planning and executing a successful matricide or patricide, they usually ask one of two things

it's cool when you troll a dumb guy into doing the thing. epic.

there's a version of me out there somewhere with that life

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