Very fulfilling day today. Let’s see if I can parlay that into tomorrow!

Sitting here slowly killing my self at work, and I can’t help but feel the sinking feeling of futility sinking in.

Hanging with the family today walking around the community outdoor mall, and we’ve been to Spencer’s and hot topic. I’m finally one of the cool kids, it’s just a decade too late.

Really need to stop going on binders every Friday. It’s becoming a problem with me functioning on the weekends.

Just realized how hard getting off of external services is for the every man... and more importantly how little they care about the fact that a few mega corporations in the united states virtually control everything about the free market. Simultaneously impressed by the ability for this information to fly under the radar and terrified about my children's futures where this is the harsh reality.

Got a new Fitbit, the Versa. Things pretty cool. It’s what the old pebble time wanted to be I think.

It’s a shame Pebble had to get bought in order for an independent smart watch like this to exist.

Here’s to hoping Fitbit doesn’t get sold off and killed like Pebble did...

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