I’ve gained 18 pounds over this year, 13 over the last 3 months... Jesus Christ I’m a fat fuck.

Time to get back on the wagon people, cutting the booze and the bullshit food!

Standing inline for and holy shit the line is massive. Like I’ve been waiting almost an hour massive.

Wife just flooded the down stairs try to thaw a turkey. Turns out it’s not the best idea to cut the sink on and walk away while not telling anyone...

"I’m happy to announce that @Purism agreed to sponsor my work on [@Matrix.org client] Fractal... I will polish the room history and drastically improve the UX/UI... I will also clean up and refactor the current code." blogs.gnome.org/jsparber/2018/

Something to be said for ExpressJS with TypeScript. You get the flexibility of the have script you know with the type safety of the C# you love. Don’t think I’ll use anything else in the future for side work, really enjoy that combo.

So tried LoopBack 4.

Whole Lotta cool concepts but it’s not ready for prime time.

Documentation for the built in ORM are basically non existent, and it really offers no benefits over a good express app with a few tools pulled in.

I do like what they’re doing though and hope they can get there docs up to snuff when they hit stable with it.

The best thing google did this year was shutting down google for a couple hours.

Walking around target and my sister is amazed that all of the check out lanes are open.

#1yrago Quaker Apples & Cinnamon has "35% less sugar" because they've cut the portion size by 35%, while the price remains 100% boingboing.net/2017/10/20/groc

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