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Hello everyone!

Here are some of my interests:
signal processing
swing dancing
fountain pens

I had quite a bit of trouble getting my oil filter off.

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In the past 48 hours I've seen "If you use a tiling window manager you're probably a racist toxic fossbro", "if you support FOSS you're likely a liberal or a toxic fossbro", "If you use emacs you're part of the problem" and uh...

Can we just stop putting people in bins based on what tools they use and, more likely, what they had available to them when they first learned how to interact with tech?

Y'all stressing me out because I've seen these funny little takes go viral and become zeitgeist material.
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The RMS situation makes me sad. Not about RMS himself, but the people on both sides of the debate.

There's these two open letters on Github now. Both contain names that I like and respect. Yet I've only seen one side of this discussion (maybe jokingly, but still) talking about how to use the list of other side's “tribe members” to cancel them in an automated matter. I'll let you guess which side that was.

Some people's righteousness goes so far that they can't fathom an idea that you can disagree with someone's methods while still agreeing with their ideas. This turns into “if you question my methods, you're obviously evil, harmful and not worth listening to”. I'm sure it's easier, but I don't think it's productive.

So, there. I'm not on either of these lists. I do think there's good arguments for having less RMS, especially as a “brand ambassador” of Free Software. I also think there is a deliberate attempt to misinterpret his position to prove a point, and I find the “against” letter plain despicable because of it. I don't think forming an angry mob against FSF, chanting “if you're not with us then you're against us” is helpful. We should be able to talk without calling each other ridiculous based on tribal assumptions.

Realizing you're using it wrong halfway through a 1000-word rant about how difficult a tool is to use.

1. `pip install numba`
2. put the `jit` decorator on everything and don't ask questions
3. ?????
4. profit

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Had to say goodbye to the only dog I've ever felt a connection with last night. It was too sudden for me to feel like I got a proper goodbye. I don't understand how she could have such a rapid decline.

Today I learned that I breathe using my accessory muscles instead of my diaphragm which isn't how you're supposed to do it.

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I missed the anniversary of the first action I took out of fear of 2019-nCoV. On February 7th, 2020, I ran to costco in a panic to stock up on flour, rice, beans, and other non-perishables. I would have been laughed at had I shared this at the time.

My motivation and willpower are getting rekt by being home alone all day. Should I do a stream that no one will watch for some semblance of accountability?

I've been reading Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck. It seems really good so far.

Hopefully it can help with my struggle to figure out what to do with my life.

Realized this morning that some lines of If-- sort of fit with the tune of We All Lift Together. It's a great combination and has been stuck in my head ever since.

I wrote a post on how I thought about and solved a generalized version of Advent of Code day 10 part 2. Hope you find it interesting, and I welcome your thoughts about it.

Hmmm, should I listen to Eric Whitacre or Judas Priest?

I have a shopping list for items I need for upgrades in BOTW, but not one for the actual grocery store.

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