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Heute und morgen findet die VimConf online statt:
Sind einige interessante Vorträge auf dem Plan.

Wanna see us performing some songs on stage? Drop into Couch'n'Sofa’s Festival Stream on Saturday (8.8.2020) at 11:25 pm (UTC +1). Here you go: or

@unfnordnung Dein efind Debian-Paket ist nicht mehr in testing/unstable installierbar, weil es von Python 3.7 abhängt, was nicht mehr verfügbar ist...

Oh, ein "Arctic Code Vault Contributor"-Badge auf Github. "Cool". ❄️

Habe gerade ein paar Tage Urlaub und mir neues Spielzeug gegönnt.
Ein ESP32-Board und ein E-Paper-Display.

I recently installed WireGuard on Debian 10 and documented the setup and my first impression here:

Das neue Airbag-Album "A Day at the Beach" ist mal richtig gut geworden.
Vor allem der Track "Machines and Men" gefällt mir ziemlich:
Erinnert ein wenig an "Welcome to the Machine".

It is proven!

Android apps can be built using only standard packages from Debian Buster!

"This project helps to document the Android tools in Debian by providing an example build, and can serve as a base template for new projects for those who would like to develop Android apps using only truly Free and Open Source software."

It seems that Google wants to make using app bundles a requirement for new apps on Google Play in 2021:

This would mean developers have to upload their signing keys to google play even though there's no technical benefit in doing that. You can achieve the same efficient download sizes by using bundletool locally and uploading all generated apks. But it seems google will stop allowing that and just wants your signing keys.

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