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@schipplock 🤔
Da musste ich erstmal suchen was du meinst. :P

OMG, ich sehe nächstes Jahr Tool! 😱 🤩 🤘

@schipplock Die beiden Trielle der Privatsender kann/konnte ich hier nicht anschauen.
Beide wollten ein DRM-Plugin im Browser haben.

Aber hab ja sowieso schon gewählt...

Hype! Das wird wohl der erste Film seit laaangem, den ich im Kino sehen muss. is worth reading, though its a bit ranty. The core idea he's talking about is one that it is rarely taught yet is really valuable to learn: sometimes the best choice is to not change something.

@vatbub Ah, you are right, on product pages it's here also trying to load more scripts.
(Though still not as many as on your screenshot, probably because other scripts were already blocked, as @Sammy8806 suggested.)

Hm, wieso meint Mastodon dass es ein von mir hochgeladenes PNG nochmal encoden (entoptimieren) muss, wodurch die Größe von 28kB auf 36kB wächst... 🤦

@vatbub In my opinion any 3rd-party request is not privacy friendly.
If they want to somehow manage their cookies or use analytics, there are also solutions they could selfhost.
I agree it's much better than on many other websites, but I wouldn't call it privacy-friendly yet.

Also strangely conrad is not that invasive for me.

Watching my federated timeline and seeing weird domain names makes me happy

I mean, like,

This is the good internet

Some big news to round off the trifecta of our IRC gateways: our matrix bridge is now available! You can connect to where #foo is the channel.

A big thanks to @matrix for their support - we know a lot of our communities view Matrix access as a big deal!

Just updated my RaspberryPi4 router from Debian 10 to the upcoming 11 release.
It went quite smoothly, as expected. Only thing I had to deal with manually was the `unbound` config; but this was mentioned already in the release notes.

@scy Ja, gibt es noch. Eine Gruppe ist letzte Woche von Freenode auf Libera.Chat umgezogen, und eine andere ist jetzt schon bald ein Jahr auf Matrix.
Sonst gibt es noch den ein oder anderen kleinen Kanal wo öfter locker/offtopic gequatscht wird.

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