TIL Inhalte auf Stackoverflow sind CC-BY-SA lizenziert, also copyleft:
Ob das allen bewusst ist, die von dort Code kopieren? 🤔

Btw, the code snippets you’re copy/pasting from StackOverflow are licensed under CC-BY-SA 4.0:

While that’s a fine license, it isn’t necessarily optimized for code. And it’s a copyleft license, so you need to distribute the resulting work under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

If that’s not what you want, you can’t use snippets from StackOverflow.

(I was just reminded of this by @reinerh , post in German)

If you´re dealing with FOSS governance and compliance in a commercial context, you´ll want to educate your developers about this.

You´ll probably end up telling them not to copy/paste code from StackOverflow.

@kgerloff @reinerh Note that it is not clear whether small code snippets qualify as copyrightable works at all.

@__h2__ @reinerh True. This is an open question, and different courts in different jurisdictions may well arrive at different answers.

If you´re a company making a product, you need to consider the risk that you may no longer be able to legally distribute your product; plus the fact that you´re exposing yourself to copyright claims (cf. McHardy).

FWIW, the whole Oracle vs Google kerfluffle hinged on roughly a dozen lines of code.

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