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I have created a new #guide for #Matrix. One more tool to convince your #Discord friends to move to the greener pasture!

Feedback and contributions welcomed!

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We're hosting 2 sessions in our assembly on #rC3 conference.

Today, an F-Droid contributor meeting at 18:00-UTC (19:00 conference time)

Tomorrow, an FOSS App Dev Meeting (Android, F-Droid) at 14:00 UTC (15:00 conference time)

The Tor Project - State of the Onion

Every year people from the Tor Project communities present the State of the Onion, a compilation of updates fromdifferent projects, at conferences around the world. The talk is about highlights of the work accomplished during the year and what the project is excited about in the upcoming year.

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📺 Watch Tor tomorrow (Dec 28) noon EST on CCC #r3c!! We will be presenting a compilation of the State of the Onion:

Here's the link for the live stream:

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Hold on everyone, for it's the *biggest ever* Matrix Holiday Special - a comprehensive tour of all the amazing things that Matrix got up to in 2021, and a premonition of things to come in 2022! Happy holidays everyone & thanks for flying Matrix! 🎄☃️☄️🎊🎄

Tor network is blocked nationwide in Russia - Help to fight internet censorship now -

Layer8 in Space

Welcome to the 8th Layer of Madness

Most topics are related to Linux, Anime, Music, Software and maaaany more