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@jalefkowit I would say the primary reason is that finding that network adaptor is next to impossible. And if you do, you you may as well spend the money on a laptop.

Blog Consolidation and Feeds
Switching to Mastodon from Twitter has slightly renewed my interest in my blog, and more specifically my blog as a place for all of my stuff, not necessarily a place for "others". Not that others can't enjoy it. Maybe that isn't quite the right way to say what I mean.

Basically, I want this blog to be a bit more of an archive for things I do online. Part of thi

@selfcare I installed an app to do that daily.

I think I made an entry once.

@gamerswift13 Why woukd they do that? The Flood is literally the worst part of Halo.

@fuchsiashock I find that all of my main hobbies (video games included) kind of roll in and out of prominance in phases, but I can't really keep up with more than one at once.

Sometimes a break and a new time filler can be nice.

If you are making a social media app or website, and you are going to insist on cutting posts out of the feed with a "load more" option, for the love of god, make load more push everything above UP instead of pushing the old stuff DOWN.

So when you roll back to where you left off, then "load more", you don't have to scroll down AGAIN to find where you left off.

The whole point of trying to read things chronologically, especially social media, is some people build on older posts.

In addition to landing on planets, you can get out at star ports. Which lets you see your cool ships parked in a hanger.

I mean, you can also see them on planets I suppose.

Anyway, my son started playing some, and he had Odyssey, it's apparently better with multiple people.

Also, I like the idea of doing a bit more than just jumping from system to system.

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So, I recently decided to add the Odyssey expansion to my Elite experience. This primarily adds a lot of planetary action.

Basically, the ability to leave your ship.

There is a little tutorial mission they make you run when first loading, infiltrate a little base, shoot some baddies, that sort of thing.

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@gamerswift13 I think Inhave watched them all several times because of my wife and daughters, I even took my one daughter to a midnight premier of one of them.

The sum total of what I remeber:

Vampire dude stops a car from running over mopey girl.

Uh oh, the Indian dudes are were wolves!

Hey, its Anna Kendrick!

Now the mopey girl is marrying the vampire, rough sex!

Now she is having a baby, and.... he is... eating the baby out of her?

Now the wolf dude loves the baby... pedo.

Between her recent weird NFT deal and now a new remix of an old track, I have to wonder if Madonna is doing alright.

This version is alright, but I am not sure I prefer it to the original. Frozen is probably my favorite Madonna track (Maaaaybe Ray of Light).

One thing I would not mind, if I can work put the "Status" post on Wordpress, is a post type that is essentially a microblog without an audience.

Like, its publicly there, but really a nusance.

This would be for things like Wordle Posting, which frankly, I feel like no one really cares about. Or maybe I could make notes about my Language Learning progress.

Basically, a microblog, for things only I (sort of) care about.

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Getting active on Mastodon in the past few weeks has helped inspire me to get back into better maintaining my Wordpress Blog. I used to be pretty heavily into putzing around with plug ins and automation to see what I could make it do. I also used to be better about making it an archive of everything I do.

There is apparently now a post type of "status", but I am not sure what it does. Maybe my theme doesn't support it. I made one but it just sort of vanished.


I am actually not sure I like the AspX. It FEELS kind of big and clinky, but I alsonhave found that its pretty fast, at least conpared to my previousnships. It doesn't FEEL fast, but it is.

I don't really have a next step yet, so I will likely keep using the AspX for a while. I am thinking maybe a Mamba as a pure attack ship, but I am also thinking maybe I should go larger, start doing some true bulk transport of people and goods. Or just start doing more exploring.

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Today's update, I added a 4th ship to my collection, the Asp Explorer. I tried using it forntransport runs at Robigo but its not as good as the Dolphin.

So I decided to use it formits name sake, exploring (and maybe transporting goods and combat).

The first thing I tried through was moving goods. The target was a ground base, which I had never trued before.

When I discovered my AspX did not include Landing assist. So I sloppily crashed into buildings but managed to land.

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What might 1980ā€™s-era Journey song sound like with a heavy injection of chiptune melodies and metal musicality?

Video game composer and retro PC super-enthusiast Victor Love has the answer: his project ā€œMaster Boot Record.ā€

Expertly composed, emotional, and hard-driving... chiptune metal?

This song freaking SLAPS, so buckle up.

@natecull This is part of why I like FireTV. If you search on the main page, it shows what services the results are on.

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