Milwaukee Zoo (2010)
NOTE: This was the first time I really got to use a DSLR. I had gotten it just before going on this trip. I went kind of crazy taking photos, the original pile was some 700 photos.

@CarbonCatalyst I may go back and do that, but I am (secretly) quite a bit beyond my posts because I started doing them late.

There is actually quite a bit beyond Pluto, but I didn't really feel like going out to see it. I want to say there are another 3 or 4 planetoids out there.

Instead, I swept past Uranus and then finished up at Pluto and Charon, out 20,000 Light Seconds (I guess) from Sol.

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I say "Mostly Uneventful" because I did decide to land on one of Jupiter's moons at a "Major Entertainment Complex".

Except there was no one there, and nothing to do. Not particularly "entertaining". I was hoping for some sort of mini games or something. Instead I just got hassled by a few guards.

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A lot of the rest of the trip through the solar system was relatively uneventful. There isn't much to see out by the Gas Planets, no real docks and a few restricted area places you can't go to without getting shot at.

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More adventures in the Sol System in . Venus got an ugly images, because the wrong scan mode was enabled, but I assumed it was a bug and moved on.

It turns out that "Earth" is categoried as an "Earth-like world". Who would have guessed?

Also you can't land on Earth, which is lame-o.

Lastly I was surprised that in game, Mars has been terraformed and has water.

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My current Fleet in in Purchase Order all named after Ramen Noodle brands:

Sidewinder - Maruchan
Adder - Nissin
Dolphin - Ichiban
AspX - Nongshim
Python - Samyang
Type-9 Heavy - Indomie
Anaconda - Ottogi


> Space is only 2 dimensional

Well, to be fair, this was literally how they won the battle in the climax of Wrath of Kahn

Mostly, I wish it would be more directly literal about its presentation sometimes, because it makes it easier to learn the grammar nuances when you see it spelled out "oddly" in English.

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File under annoying things does.

I saw this a lot in the years of doing Spanish, here it is in Norwegian.

Literal translation is, "is lying/located/standing". But it omits the second word. Which is fine for meaning, but not for learning.

It worse in the second one, "The village is located here in this vicinity". It completely omits "her". Also, "nƦrheten" is clearly some combo of "near here". Though "The village lies here in the near here" does feel a little TOO odd.

coal-fired sex machine (yes, really), penis variety 

@porsupah A moment where "Think of the smell" is wholey appropriate.

@DaneeBoundENG Now I am wondering what a plant Pokemon even eats.

Is it a carnivore?

@ja2ke That TV stand looks disturbingly precarious.

It just eants to fall right off.

I decided recently in that I wanted to head home, to Earth.

This isn't as straight forward as it seems, you have to do a few missions for the Federation first and rank up. I bounced arouned doing some data deliveries for a few days and managed to get my Sol system permit.

I decided I wanted to "see everything" so I started traveling between probes. At Mercury, I landed at a crashed ship site.

And promptly recieved a fine and a bounty for tresspassing. Then Space Jail...

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