Smoliv, stores nutients in the fruit on its head, with which it can go for a week without food.

Dual type grass and normal, 30 cm (11.8 inches) tall, weighs 6.5 kg (14.5 lbs).

Its name says it all: it’s a smol oliv.


@DaneeBoundENG Now I am wondering what a plant Pokemon even eats.

Is it a carnivore?

@ramenjunkie unless their Pokédex entries say otherwise, you can presume that Pokémon eat the various berries littered about the world.

@ramenjunkie one Grass-type Pokémon that is a confirmed carnivore: Victreebel.

Ruby/Sapphire entry: “Victreebel has a long vine that extends from its head. This vine is waved and flicked about as if it were an animal to attract prey. When an unsuspecting prey draws near, this Pokémon swallows it whole. ”

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