Blog Consolidation and Feeds
Switching to Mastodon from Twitter has slightly renewed my interest in my blog, and more specifically my blog as a place for all of my stuff, not necessarily a place for "others". Not that others can't enjoy it. Maybe that isn't quite the right way to say what I mean.

Basically, I want this blog to be a bit more of an archive for things I do online. Part of thi

@ramenjunkie I made a personal website as a place to link all my stuff, and it was actually really creatively inspiring. It helped motivate me to get a lot of projects into a sharable state so that I could put them on my site and tick them off. It feels more like I'm building something, even if that something is a chaotic mess.

If you mention do you know that you can link up a feed URL there to publish WordPress posts on

Plus, you can let push new messages to Mastodon.

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