Since they are all on my old posts, I figure I would share some screen shots from my journeys.

The first ship I bought was this Adder. Mostly I like the look and shape of it. It's been in storage for a bit now. I should come up with a use for it at some point maybe.

For a brief bit I started doing passenger runs out of Robigo, which is a popular place for easy money. I did this in a Dolphin.

The Dolphin is currently stored near Robigo, and kitted out for passengers. I tried replacing it but the Replacement ship isn't as ideal for these runs due to the way the internal components are laid out.


Today's (catch up) post is brought to you by, Errors in Stellar Cartography and Route Plotting.

I mentioned previously making money ferrying people between Rodrigo and Sothis (Seen below, quite close). While picking up passengers, I plotted and checked a route for someone going elsewhere.

I opted not to take that job, it went WAY out.

But I forgot to re-plot my route. I had been talking to my song and distracted. Next thing you know, I am hundreds of light years off course.

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This would be the equivalent of planning a trip to the next town over, but setting your GPS to a town across the country, then blindly following it for 2-3 states.

Thankfully, when I ran out of fuel, I was at a fuel scoop-able star.

Irritatingly, I had not upgraded my Fuel Scoop yet, so I had to let it sit and refuel for almost a half hour.

Today's update, I added a 4th ship to my collection, the Asp Explorer. I tried using it forntransport runs at Robigo but its not as good as the Dolphin.

So I decided to use it formits name sake, exploring (and maybe transporting goods and combat).

The first thing I tried through was moving goods. The target was a ground base, which I had never trued before.

When I discovered my AspX did not include Landing assist. So I sloppily crashed into buildings but managed to land.

I am actually not sure I like the AspX. It FEELS kind of big and clinky, but I alsonhave found that its pretty fast, at least conpared to my previousnships. It doesn't FEEL fast, but it is.

I don't really have a next step yet, so I will likely keep using the AspX for a while. I am thinking maybe a Mamba as a pure attack ship, but I am also thinking maybe I should go larger, start doing some true bulk transport of people and goods. Or just start doing more exploring.

So, I recently decided to add the Odyssey expansion to my Elite experience. This primarily adds a lot of planetary action.

Basically, the ability to leave your ship.

There is a little tutorial mission they make you run when first loading, infiltrate a little base, shoot some baddies, that sort of thing.

In addition to landing on planets, you can get out at star ports. Which lets you see your cool ships parked in a hanger.

I mean, you can also see them on planets I suppose.

Anyway, my son started playing some, and he had Odyssey, it's apparently better with multiple people.

Also, I like the idea of doing a bit more than just jumping from system to system.

I decided recently in that I wanted to head home, to Earth.

This isn't as straight forward as it seems, you have to do a few missions for the Federation first and rank up. I bounced arouned doing some data deliveries for a few days and managed to get my Sol system permit.

I decided I wanted to "see everything" so I started traveling between probes. At Mercury, I landed at a crashed ship site.

And promptly recieved a fine and a bounty for tresspassing. Then Space Jail...

More adventures in the Sol System in . Venus got an ugly images, because the wrong scan mode was enabled, but I assumed it was a bug and moved on.

It turns out that "Earth" is categoried as an "Earth-like world". Who would have guessed?

Also you can't land on Earth, which is lame-o.

Lastly I was surprised that in game, Mars has been terraformed and has water.

A lot of the rest of the trip through the solar system was relatively uneventful. There isn't much to see out by the Gas Planets, no real docks and a few restricted area places you can't go to without getting shot at.

I say "Mostly Uneventful" because I did decide to land on one of Jupiter's moons at a "Major Entertainment Complex".

Except there was no one there, and nothing to do. Not particularly "entertaining". I was hoping for some sort of mini games or something. Instead I just got hassled by a few guards.

There is actually quite a bit beyond Pluto, but I didn't really feel like going out to see it. I want to say there are another 3 or 4 planetoids out there.

Instead, I swept past Uranus and then finished up at Pluto and Charon, out 20,000 Light Seconds (I guess) from Sol.

@ramenjunkie One of the first things I did when I got that permit last year was cut together a video, but it's kinda in limbo cause I used a queens of the stone age song for a musical backdrop.

@ramenjunkie If you're stil at sol, you could go find the voyager satelite.

@CarbonCatalyst I may go back and do that, but I am (secretly) quite a bit beyond my posts because I started doing them late.

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