Aye another .

I've been "blogging" and writing online since Geocities, on a whole slew of different platforms. I'm a proponent of open source and open web and decentralization and have been a tech enthusiast basically me entire life.

I don't have any particular theme but mostly post about , my excessive collection of , , and and related topics. General nerd shit.

I also have developed a meme level obsession with Ramen Noodles.

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Some of my other hobbies that may come up include , often , but not always.

I also have worked for the past 15+ years on the technical back end of television as a broadcast , cable head end technician and data center technician.

I sometimes do projects, though I am not really a professional dev or anything. I have dabbled in too many coding languages to name but these days it's usually web based (PHP, SQL) or scripting (Python, Bash).

@ramenjunkie 👋🏻 Hey, I'm Aaron. Nice to meet you. I also had a Geocities site back in the day!!! So awesome.

We have some related interests: I'm big with writing, tech, and nerd stuff too.

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