Hey everyone! I'm Jaqueline (but I prefer people call me by Pirgus) a "high-schooler" who wants to study Computer Science. I really like audiovisual work, that encompasses videos, pictures, and other stuff related.
I also really like comics, movies, I like games (my favorite one is the Uncharted franchise) bad puns, books, some anime, and the list goes on.
That's only some stuff about me, I feel this would get too big if I said more. Well, I'm glad to join this social network.

That was a nice introduction, @pirgus ! Welcome and let me tell you it's great that you leaned towards a free open sourced social network! I'm a programmer and I think many people here are, so I guess you'll have lots to talk about. Also, given you like bad puns I think you and I will get along, since I'm a factory of them lol.

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