"Peak, machine!" is the first Friday Night Death for 2019 featuring Konk Zooben on saxophone and live mash up, samples by LoopyC and images by @noisemakerbot

Watch via youtu.be/GmTK6KVEwcU

Friday Night Death #25 tonight - live stream in 55 minutes. Theme - Collateral Murder...

Found private press bootleg CD-R, with handwritten album notes:

"MWMIF meets the Japanese-born female improvisor "Casio Loopy", who is known for her improv's using just a Roland "Dr. Rhythm" drum machine (controlled via a modified game console)


Friday Night Death show livestreams in three hours time: "Reefer Madness (Deconstructed)".

Watch live or the replay at www.fridaynightdeath.com

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