Reviews like this make the blood, sweat and tears working on this adventure game while being an underpaid social worker in the US ghetto worth it. And yeah, let's make cyberpunk PUNK again!
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Just yesterday I heard from some people that a town's electricity and internet were cut off completely. After that, some people were found dead, and many others disappeared.

This is a reminder of who is actually in control. When dealing with electricity, we have many alternatives like solar power and backup generators, but what about the internet?

Supporting projects like GNUnet is important. This is just the start, we should fight for a better future.

Glowing headbands that read your mood? Velcro slippers tracking toddlers' movements? Surveillance of children is getting more and more minute, and it's at to your child's school too. Support #FreeSoftware

Nudity/Sex in album cover 

This is my kind of techno. Dark, fast, evil techno.

The Joy of Cryptography:

The Joy of #Cryptography is a #free undergraduate #textbook that introduces students to the fundamentals of provable #security.

@kev You're right. Making people feel as if they're too ignorant for Linux or won't be welcomed by the community, or as if running Linux is a full-time job, is an excellent way to stop them using it.

The set that got me into techno

"Parfait | Boiler Room Paris: Possession"

To this day I can't stop listening, it's insane.

please respond, and boost/repeat:

1: search engines, which are most popular?

2: which search engine do *you use*

3: if your result doesn't come up in a search engine, what steps do you take *next*?

thank you for the help

I want to give Emacs a fair try. I don't know if I will make a full switch, but I want to truly know what Emacs is about. Maybe one day I will leave my vim setup for good. Wish me luck!

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