🔐 PSA: My minimalist client-side password generator just got an update and moved to @codeberg \o/

Next step: build a team password manager with this design - after all the other projects 🙈

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@momar you should build a tool to manage your projects and your project ideas. The first one to add should be the project manager 😂

@momar @codeberg Here's my idea for a german passphrase generator:

-Take a random noun, a verb, an adjective and a noun.
- Make a grammatically valid sentence from the words
- Randomly add grammatical features like present, past or future tense for the verb, definite or indefinite articles, plural and diminutive, ...

This would be much more rememberable, but much harder to create for a computer, especially if you wanted to do it fast to try out lots of them.

@gerbi @momar @codeberg AI will know which words you choose. Humans are just so predictable. That's not secure at all!

You have to use real randomness.

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