Und zu FreeFileSync: das funktioniert sehr zuverlässig und ist wahnsinnig schnell, leider kann jedoch das mitgelieferte RealTimeSync keine SSH-Ordner überwachen (d.h. es werden nur lokale Änderungen automatisch übernommen). Bin noch am überlegen ob ich jetzt Cronjobs haben, oder das manuell lassen will.

Update zur Handyreparatur: hatte noch keine Audioprobleme in den letzten drei Tagen, sieht so aus als ob das tatsächlich geklappt hätte 🙈

@codeberg It's by far not done yet, but would docs.codeberg.org be a service you'd like to offer? Basically, the idea is that as long as there's code with annotations, or a "docs" folder with markdown documentation, a beautifully rendered documentation will be available at e.g. docs.codeberg.org/momar/gouda/, and a PDF export at docs.codeberg.org/momar/gouda..
This shouldn't be treated as a GitHub Pages replacement, but rather as an easy-to-use alternative for its most common use case - code documentation.

kommt langsam ganz gut zusammen und generiert zumindest schon mal aus Markdown Dokumentationen...

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"Either you schedule time for hardware maintenance, or your hardware will schedule it for you."

Kannst du dir nicht ausdenken... Hervorhebung durch meine Bank.

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Aus der Zwischenzeit:
"Es kommt nicht von ungefähr, dass die ganzen Teleskope, die nach intelligentem Leben suchen, von der Erde weg gerichtet sind."

Okay, es startet zumindest und macht den Eindruck, zu funktionieren. Mal ein paar Tage abwarten...

Jetzt wird erst mal mein Handy-Mainboard gebacken, als letzter Reperaturversuch... 🙈

Nach Nextcloud, Resilio, Seafile und Syncthing wird jetzt auf der Suche nach einem guten Synchronisationstool FreeFileSync ausprobiert. Es sieht zwar aus als wäre es aus dem letzten Jahrtausend, scheint aber bisher ausgezeichnet zu funktionieren...

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Do you like Mastodon, but wish there was a privacy option to only post on your home instance without federating?

There's a fork of Mastodon for that called Hometown:


You can still post normal posts that federate, but Hometown also lets you post non-federating posts if you prefer.

It also has other differences such as rendering full articles from Write Freely (and other federated blogging services).

It's by @darius

#Mastodon #HomeTown #Alternatives

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Guys @frommMoritz recommended a very useful app to generate fonts and host it on your own website/page/app. So cool.

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„Facebook-Datenspuren sind ähnlich harmlos wie radioaktiver Klärschlamm.“ - die Formulierung muss ich mir merken. Da ist nämlich was dran. 🤓 #SAK19

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Pro tip for saving money if you're terrible at saving:

Be your own loan shark.

Make a savings account with money that you're free to blow whenever you feel like, but place interest on yourself.

"Need" to buy that fancy brand new iPhone but you don't have the money for it? Instead of doing something retarded like getting locked into a terrible phone plan for 12-24 months or spending regular savings to buy it. Just pull from your "loan" account. Say $1000, then set up some quick automated payments to put $100 back into the loan account for 12 weeks.

You get the iPhone (terrible decision by the way), and since you "loaned" money from yourself, it gradually "refills" into your savings again, and the last two weeks of payments become 20% interest that further adds to your savings account.

Voila, all the benefits of short term loans and decisions, but slightly less retarded.
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regexcrossword.com/ # Regex based crossword puzzle. It's good fun practice and keeps you sharp. Plus you can tell your boss it's professional development time. But seriously, try to get some real work done today too. Thanks @scott_orr

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old German politics but joking 

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