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柴田聡子 - ワンコロメーター (Official Music Video) via

Because it just happened to me again. In my opinion, Unit tests are the best way to document source code. I can just look in the tests when I stuck to reach this or that behaviour.

> Schmetterlinge sind nur verkleidete Motten

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Saw this over on birbsite (from

bool have_trigraphs ()
// are trigraphs available??/
return false;
return true;

This is sick and wrong and I am compelled to applaud.

#programming #trigraphs

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Did you know the source code of the Linux kernel has been leaked repeatedly, since its first release?

> Shorter is longer than the word short, and shortest is the longest of all 3 of them.

In welcher Reihenfolge schaut man Star Wars? Inhaltliche Chronologie oder Erscheinungsdatum?

> The above QR code contains a complete Windows executable that will run on Windows 7 and up. It's a simple but fully playable implementation of Snake.

> Privacy Policy: This is the Internet, you have no privacy.

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