Mozilla Firefox 66.0.4 :firefox: fixes certificate chain to re-enable web extensions:

– expired certificates resulted in disabled web extensions in Firefox and FF-based browsers like Tor Browser
– while some "security" experts recommended to temporarily disable signature checking, we recommend to never do so

#mozilla #firefox #broken #certificate #extensions #authenticity

Falls die LΓΆsung fΓΌr das #Firefox Problem noch nicht bei jedem angekommen sein sollte.

#Mozillah hat schon selbststΓ€ndig reagiert und einen Fix Angeboten sowie sind sie dabei ein entsprechendes #Update auszurollen.

Hier nochmal der Link zur Stellungnahme von Mozilla und dem eigentlichen Problem sowie derLΓΆsung dahinter:

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SwagArch GNU/Linux 19.05
Change Log:

*Update Calamares Installer to V3.2.7
*add some missing packages
* Kernel: 5.0.10-arch1-1-ARCH


Tags: #swagarch #gnu #linux #1905 #Budgie

@swagarch Great looking Budgie desktop edition! Thank you. I have done the first YT video review here:

SwagArch GNU/Linux 19.04

Change Log:

* Change from Xfce4 to Budgie Desktop environment
* New Gnome Software Stack 3.32 (Calendar, Gedit, evince ...)
* Kernel linux 5.0.6.arch1-1


Tags: #swagarch #gnu #linux #1904 #Budgie

‼️ ‼️ #Announcement ‼️ ‼️
SwagArch GNU/Linux will be relaunched πŸš€ with the #Budgie #Desktop as replacement for the old school Xfce4 desktop.

Yes! SwagArch becomes more Swag πŸŽ‰ πŸ˜€

What does this mean ?
The next release 19.04 will be #canceled because I still working on the #adjustments for the Budgie Desktop.

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