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WebApps Sandboxed Browser

WebApps Sandboxed Browser (WebApps turns mobi/web app sites into secure apps! Open source.) -

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The recording of my KiCon talk "From Idea To Production: Using KiCad For OSHW Design And Mfg" is now public. It was a really good event with a lot of great people. I am looking forward to #KiCon2020 :D

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if you need to #map/#compose some key on your keyboard. Here a cheatsheet. #OpenBSD #FreeBSD #keyboard #X11

1. read #XCompose, #xmodmap and #xev man page

2. create ~/.Xmodmap and ~/.XCompose

3. with xev, select the keycode of your compose key (press the key on the window)

4. map your key in ~/.Xmodmap
keycode ${KEYCODE} = Multi_key

5. load the key map
$ xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap

6. add keys in ~/.XCompose
<Multi_key> <a>: "\xc3\xa5"
<Multi_key> Shift <a>: "\xc3\x85"

7. launch an X app and test