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Hey, everyone. Probably no one cares but I'm new to Mastodon and federated social networks in general, so I'm not 100% sure how all of this works.

I like photography (check out my PixelFed lol ), programming, design, weeb stuff, and other things... and if it matters, I *lean* to the left on the political spectrum, but I try not to talk about politics.

Also... I'm from Argentina so Spanish is my native language, but I'm trying to improve my Portuguese.

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If you're a website owner, protect all your visitors from FLoC by sending the following HTTP response header:

Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()

Sites are starting to do this already, such as @themarkup, @guardian and, yes, us too (at

Original tweet :

Now I understand why "so many" software developers are anarchists.

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mastodon tips to new users 

— remember to take a look at users' bios before following. some ask you not follow unless you've interacted with you before, some appreciate an introductory dm, others do not want to be dm'd by people they don't know, etc
— it's considered good form to cw contentious topics, such as ikea furniture or italians
— the person your mum or aunt is suddenly making long phonecalls to is probably flowless. don't worry about it
— try not to freak out about the giant centipedes. they're mostly harmless
— sometimes during new moon, a green man with three arms will knock on your door and ask for your first-born child. this is der gründreiarmigmann, a german goblin eugen made a deal with early in mastodon's development. just hand him a rock or a seed wrapped in cloth instead

It took me like 20 minutes to set up something really simple on my dad's old netbook (yes some people still use them) because of how shitty its keyboard was.

Maybe it was designed to show that mice are superior 🤔 Seriously what a fucking pain. I'm not even a mechanical keyboard fanboy (I don't own any)

What's up with people who boast about their bad temper and general hostility...

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Hello Creative Commons!

You can now add a CC license to your posts.

We are working on federation support and the ability to change licenses on older posts. #pixelfed #creativeCommons

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I opened up to my dearest and oldest friend about something bad that happened to me many years ago... and I don't feel any better about it. Yet it makes me happy to realize once again that I trust her this much. The feeling of being able to talk about anything with someone is truly great.

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"If you quit using Discord you're gonna get yourself isolated" - literally said by someone who doesn't know why I am on Discord or how I communicate with my familiy and friends.

That's like, your opinion, man.

People who consistenly misunderstand others for not being hyperspecific (or not for talking literally) are so infuriating. That counts as laziness.

Shit, I'd better turn on the confirmation to boost.

I'll never understand why some men spit on the street.

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The team that made Beak, Feather, & Bone is making 6 little, weird, beautiful TTRPGs you get once a month digitally, and then altogether as a boxed set:

Once I get a haircut everyone will suffer before my pfp, featuring my dumbass face.

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my methods may be unconventional, but my results? my results are also for shit

I don't know how much sleep I need anymore. It doesn't help that I have the unhealthy habit of wanting to be awake for as long as I can.

Isn't it weird how some elders couldn't pass the Turing test... Like you ask them some very specific, unambiguous question (over text) and they reply with "😃" and nothing else

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