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That moment when you forget time zones are a thing

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Your cat just drank from your water glass, wyd?

@phildini Is there space in that instance for me? I'd like to migrate, and it seems chill and moderated.

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Does anyone have the pulse of current Tik Tok challenges? Particularly the dumb ones?

There are two kids in my daughter's class who on the same day last week posted stuff on the Google Classroom page, one unkind to their teacher, but claimed they didn't do it. That they were hacked.

Cut to this week and my wife's teaching coworker (in a different teaching Board) had several kids in her class whose Google Classroom accounts were "hacked" as well, and were more harsh to the teacher.


Please , lemme build an image for another architecture

I'm begging you

Why are you ignoring the `platform: linux/arm64/v8` part?

This is what I see on my outdated phone everytime one of you talk about Wordle

Ok I think I'll try out

I'm looking for something really simple, so I think it should be fine for what I want... any obvious downsides to that project/software that anyone on here could point out?

I love my friends ngl but they have to stop buying me video games, I have shit to do...

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when you read a hardback book, do you take of the dust jacket?

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In school did y'all ever straight up put your head down on your desk and fall asleep? I used to do that shit all the time. Middle school, high school, college

having a partner to sleep with would be great because they could punch me in the neck every night to knock me out and then leave

my look today, wearing a coat of tiredness and despair

*Pronounces the "fungi" in "non-fungible token" as 馃崉馃崉*

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I remember when people talked about cryptocurrencies as some kind of way of liberation but everything that's happened in the crypto world so far has been trying to replicate everything that already sucks in the system we are part of.

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Finished! :D

This is a Carl Sagan quote; "A still more glorious dawn awaits. Not a sunrise, but a galaxy rise. A morning filled with 400 billion suns. The rising of the Milky Way."

Hand-drawn on 300gm smooth heavyweight paper with a variety of pens and inks.

I'll be putting a scanned version (alas it'll lose some of the metallic shine) on my Ko-Fi shop soon for people to buy as a digital print. :)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

"Gamers" cheering for Microsoft are a bit gullible or oblivious, aren't they.

Why the quotes? Well go ask *them*, I've seen like 3 people on Twitter saying "this is good for the gamers," but I don't know who those are.

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