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Hey, everyone. Probably no one cares but I'm new to Mastodon and federated social networks in general, so I'm not 100% sure how all of this works.

I like photography (check out my PixelFed lol ), programming, design, weeb stuff, and other things... and if it matters, I *lean* to the left on the political spectrum, but I try not to talk about politics.

Also... I'm from Argentina so Spanish is my native language, but I'm trying to improve my Portuguese.

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Ok, the Slayers anime is pretty good, a bit better than I remembered, even. But one of the things I love about Slayers is its more/mythology, which isn't perfectly explained in the series (they are in the light novels, though), and a few things in the plot are poorly articulated.

Still, pretty good. I wish it was more popular. Lina Inverse is an amazing character.

I didn't know I was living with Ted Kaczynski.

I can't stop playing Heroes of Hammerwatch, help

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reject cinematic universes

embrace stories that fucking end

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Okay, we finished both campaigns. Pretty solid game for 4-player coop.

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I've been playing Hammerwatch (not Heroes of) with 3 friends and it's been a blast. We beat the original campaign and now we're doing the second one in hard (we were able to kill the first boss already).

Really fun game, although it feels it's meant to be played with friends.

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I was at Barcelona Beach by Lake Erie right at sunset a few weeks ago, and got this wild pink sky.

I've been playing fgo every day for the past 1260 days. I dunno what to think of it.

Ok I can't stop listening to Dua Lipa now.

I feel every community that gets too big becomes internally toxic no matter what.

I also feel the term "community" is too vague since "our local tabletop RPG community" and "the LGBT community" don't mean quite the same thing as to what that is. But I think this applies to any case.

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English is the de facto lingua franca on the Internet, I guess. It's great to share a common language and be able to communicate with people from all over the world.

What's not so great is that it's still a common, natural language, mostly used by people who belong to a specific culture. So you kind of have to ignore everything you don't care about it (i.e. people cancelling someone from their country)

Pure drama.

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no shade but it feels like most solutions to poor sleep are "well have you considered sleeping better?"

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death, capitalism is bad this is extremely, extremely sad. i am frustrated by the framing of the man being at fault for lying on his health forms when he seems to have worked himself to death because he was so afraid of losing his health insurance. capitalism is a death cult. these are the consequences.

how can people toot/tweet/post and re-[those] more than 3 or 4 times a day, I just can't. I wish I had something interesting to share (or, I wish I had some online-specific personality to "build")

I honestly don't think Tumblr is a bad platform.

The trending section on YouTube is like a summary of the stupidest things on Earth

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