We're very productive currently: now has an emoji picker, you can download files and there are upload/download progress bars!

The rewrite is nearly finished: HTTP File Upload is working again and I'm working on a proper UI.

Ilya Bizyaev is currently working on Mac OS X and iOS builds of the client .

Here's a first screenshot:

First screenshot of the client on @UBports Ubuntu Touch with correct scaling! Thanks to Dalton Durst and @Jbb for this! Because we're using @kde's Kirigami UI toolkit it all apps should run fine on UT, now.



We now have an Jabber/XMPP invitation page for Kaidan: i.kaidan.im/#lnj@kaidan.im

Ge0rG has wrote the original invitation page (github.com/ge0rg/easy-xmpp-inv) and @Jbb recently made some nice modifications to it to make it fit to Kaidan.

Source code can be found here: git.kaidan.im/kaidan/i.kaidan.

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