First screenshot of the client on @UBports Ubuntu Touch with correct scaling! Thanks to Dalton Durst and @Jbb for this! Because we're using @kde's Kirigami UI toolkit it all apps should run fine on UT, now.

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Wow, #PlasmaMobile working on @Ubports is some of the best news I've had since switching from the original Ubuntu Touch, now if I could only get the #Plasma workspace running instead of unity... @lnj @Jbb @kde

@ami @UBports @Jbb @kde Since UBports Ubuntu Touch and Plasma Mobile are both using to run on , it's actually no problem to run Plasma Mobile instead of Ubuntu Touch. You could use a debian image then, too.

@lnj @ami @Ubports Well... not really. The existing Ubuntu Touch ports don't use Halium. Plasma Mobile is also not running on top of Ubuntu Touch, just its apps now do.

@lnj @Ubports @Jbb @kde hey, seems that you are working on Kaidan, nice to see more activity on XMPP.

For the record, you are not "the first fully convergent and cross-platform Jabber/XMPP Instant Messenger" as your git repository is stating ;)

Good to see that your are self hosting your code. XMPP community is more and more active these days.

Good luck!

@Goffi @Jbb
Good to know, I think we started around Halloween 2016, you were probably already active earlier. I already thought that the expression might be a bit 'risky'.
I'll change it, now that I know it's definitely not correct.

About the self-hosted git repository you need to thank M$ for waking me up and not using a centralized servce. :D

In general I have a very good feeling about XMPP in the last time, also the monthly XMPP meetups in Berlin motivate me to keep up the work. :)

@lnj @Jbb yeah we are active for 10 years now :). And we're not the only one multi-platforms.

I'm working (not highest priority) on XMPP based code forge (see and It's really far from Gitlab of course, but using it with XMPP may be of interest for you.

I've been at one Berlin meetup, maybe we met? Note that I have extremely bad memory for (nick)name and faces, that doesn't help :D

I'll find some time to try Kaidan looks interesting.

@Goffi @Jbb Unfortunately we probably haven't met yet, the first time I was there was in May.

Your XMPP ticket system looks really interesting. Also the fact that you can use it from the command line is something I'm missing from GitLab/GitHub. I could image using it with a proper gateway to GitLab.

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