I have been so absorbed recently, traveling the Wired, exploring obscure corners, many of which seem almost forsaken. @rick_777 awakened me by reminding: today (yesterday for some of you) is SEL's 20-th anniversary!
Let's praise once again!

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@lainon @rick_777 Amazing...

I watched SEL only a few months ago (shame on me); it all seems so vivid and spectacularly "new", I can't believe it's been written 20 years ago!

Yes, let's praise Lain indeed!

@Eidon @rick_777

Watching SEL just once is (usually) not enough, and in case you're already prepared for rewatch: right now there is a great opportunity!

@lainon @rick_777 Good evening Lainon-san! Yes, I have a habit of re-watching the best series, thus SEL was already at the top of my re-watch list :) Many thanks for telling me of this lovely opportunity!

One of my favorite aspects of SEL is Lain's descent into technophilia. First a normal PC, then a desktop tower, followed by a rack tower, until her entire room is a mess of servers and cables. She even plugs cables into her own body, ffs. What are those for, anyway?


@rick_777 @lainon Yes it's an incredible climax! That climax and cables possibly represent the dissolution of the boundaries between man and machine...

BTW I like very much your definition of a "descent into technophilia"; the word "descent" in particular makes me think of E. A. Poe and his "Descent Into the Maelström" ("A Descent into the technoMaelström"??) and of course Darwin's "A Descent of Man..."

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