@killyourfm RSS is the absolute best! If you’re looking for some bloggers to follow, I just started a project in which I plan to share a new independent publisher each weekday — mostly tech/Apple focused sites. I’m not publishing the announcement post until Wednesday, but if you’re interested:


(Also on Mastodon: @hashtagopenweb )

My first experience with RSS was in 2004. It was being championed by former MTV host Adam Curry! That's when I learned about Dave Winer and podcasting.

And in late 2004, I was HAND-CODING my own RSS feed for a podcast I produced!

By 2005, I must have had a collection of 150+ RSS feeds (music, gaming, and tech blogs).

With my new role at @thunderbird, my love for RSS has resurfaced.

Time to gather up a new batch of RSS feeds.

@JuleLe @wagesj45 To be very clear, we have no plans for monetizing Thunderbird except through donations.


There's no for-profit reorganization. Recently a for-profit company was created to contain Thunderbird (which is called MZLA). That's because housing it in Mozilla Foundation is impractical.

General open-source software development is NOT a charitable purpose in the US, so a 503(c) is limited in how much money it can spend on that.

As well as images, you can attach audio or video files to Mastodon posts. Here are some assorted tips:

-There is no length limit on audio or video files, but they have to be below a certain file size (usually 40 megabytes). Check with your server admin if you're unsure about the file size limits.

-You can replace the thumbnail with an image file by clicking on the "choose image" button.

-On audio files, remember to add a text description of the sound for deaf users.

-On video files, remember to add text descriptions of the pictures for blind users, and of the sound for deaf users.

-Silent MP4 videos will be treated as animated GIF images.

-Audio can be MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, OPUS, AAC, M4A, 3GP

-Video can be MP4, M4V, MOV, WebM

Thanks to the lack of a time limit, one legendary Mastodon post had the Angelina Jolie film "Hackers" ridiculously compressed to fit within the file size limit. It was unwatchable 😁

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Accessibility #A11y

I'm leaving the Star Trek Book Of Friendship on my desk permanently. I have a feeling it'll be the source of some much-needed smiles and good vibes. 🖖

I went for a 7km walk without my headphones.

Being left alone with only your thoughts and inner monologue can be both entertaining and terrifying 🤣😱😳

The wonderful devs added Dracula themes! it looks pretty...well, sweet, with my Sweet KDE setup!

Steam Deck will now save your customized performance settings (FSR, frame limiter, clocks, etc) on a per-game basis.

Absolutely killer feature!


Hey, how could I miss this? @thunderbird is on Mastodon! Really pleased to have you here, in that libre and safe place :)

An honest question I just received: "Congrats on the Thunderbird role, but I thought they didn't have any money?"

@thunderbird has 20M+ global users and received $2.7million in donations during 2021! It's alive and well. Part of my job is to promote such cool facts. 😀

Frankly, it's awesome to see an open source project with passionate and supportive users, who enable us to hire more developers and make a better product.

Reminder: contributing to open source can be as simple as suggesting a change to a website.

In this case, someone noticed that our @Thunderbird Careers page listed our anti-discrimination policy underneat two available positions, but NOT underneath a third one. Which can create some confusion!

So I fixed it. Boom, I contributed.

Friendly reminder: the game Beat Invaders is gorgeous, addicting, hypnotic fun. Plus it's cheap and runs on Linux. Check it out!

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