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A 7th grader (yea that's right) has developed an app that's 🤣

(Kidding Linus, but check this out to see the kind of impact you're having!)

Today I remembered this song exists. I first heard it on a sampler disc in the 90s!

Sometimes I write using logic. But sometimesI focus more on how a game makes me FEEL. Here's a little story about Infinite.

Since I didn't really follow the news cycle with Series S/X, I keep finding little thing to love.

Like Geometry Wars 2, right where I left it on Xbox 360 Arcade. Leaderboard are even intact!

(Also, it looks incredible in 4K with Auto HDR!)

Thank you uncapybarable for supporting me on! 🎉 is creating multimedia content about desktop Linux + the FOSS community. You can support by buying a coffee ☕️ here —

I'm stunned that a Wordpress plugin can speed up my website so dramatically with practically zero tweaking. Literally a few minutes of work involved here.

I'm convinced! You saved me a lot of headaches and grief in the long run!

(Not an ad, just a happy customer)

Huh. might be the first game where I've ever completed all the weekly challenges...

Played for a couple hours each day.

I'm not sure if this is a positive observation, or a scathing indictment of the progression system.

Still having a blast though!

I'm convinced that mother nature has had enough of our shit, and will just keep throwing nasty variants of at us until we're gone.

At least, that's how the world feels to me right now.

Listening to the delicious bassline of Soul Coughing's "Super Bon Bon" on headphones is borderline life-changing. And I don't even have what you'd consider a high-end pair.

Probably like 3 people will appreciate this tweet.

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