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This is a surprisingly cathartic game! I wanted briefly check it out and ended up relaxi-playing for hours. (this is a replay of the finished level). Thanks for this experience

I revived my N4G account for some stupid reason. What have I done? 🤣

Most of you know how this turned out, but since it's a holiday week I'll share Part 1:

The average cost of an RTX 3070 on eBay in November was $1144. This laptop is $1294.
Even in the "before times" this would be a solid deal. Now it's a steal.

Now that I'm an owner, I'm fantasizing about creating a regular column/video series about using JUST GamePass.

What would it be like to play NOTHING BUT GamePass games for a year? I'm honestly not sure I can commit to it, but I am fascinated by the idea...

I kinda love the idea of a curated batch of games delivered to you every month, that you get to OWN forever.

It requires some trust in the curators, though. What does everyone think about this? (It's now $99 annually)

"It started innocuously enough. Most of my recent PC gaming adventures do before they inexplicably snowball into a hellscape of technical misfortune. I simply wanted to play some Infinite multiplayer on my PC."

What could go wrong? 🤣

In less than 48 hours, has raked in 3000 views, basically off the back of two new articles.

I consider that a huge success -- and yes, probably more traffic than I'd even get at Forbes these days.

Thanks for staying on this evolving journey with me <3

The hottest phone on right now is only $20.
Nope, I didn't forget a zero! Guess there's a craving to go back to a simpler time!

Following in the footsteps of OS, I'm proudly using for my new site's analytics.

It's an open source, privacy-respecting alternative to Google Analytics.

No personal information is collected, and there's no tracking across multiple devices.

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I'm writing a reaction to the recent Linux Challenge video. You're probably not going to like it...

A fitting footnote to this story:
Tonight I logged in to play Infinite on PC, but the game's Fracture event (which I've progressed in) doesn't even show up! (Yes, I updated the game). logged me in on his Xbox Series X, and it WAS on that version, sooo

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This Fracture event in multiplayer is brilliant. Especially the Fiesta playlist. Here's why:

2) Ample opportunity to earn more XP
3) By randomizing weapons at spawn, we learn how to effectively use new weapons in the armory!

Good fun!

It only took 10 seconds with an Series X to make me seriously contemplate quitting PC gaming.

This one's dedicated to my friend

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