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I'd also like to write an AMD FSR guide for Lutris users!
But for now, here's how gamers (especially those of you with lower-spec systems) can get a nice performance boost.

It looks like Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is HALF OFF at ($29.99) on PS4/PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Series S/X!

Know which show I will *never* press the "Skip Intro" button on?

Cowboy. Fucking. Bebop.

(I'm not convinced it's even half as awesome as the original anime, but you can't dispute how classic that music is)

I don't have a clever tweet.
I just wanted to share this because I loved this conversation.

Catch up on Episode #1 before we drop the brand new one later today!

I had a blast playing with tonight. The game is still rough around the edges, but it FEELS like classic Halo and absolutely has that "just ONE more match" appeal to me.

*Random sidenote: I want to rewatch classic Red Vs Blue now.

I'm an undisclosed number of years old today and I finally have my first gaming chair. My entire upper body is ecstatic! Thank you 😘❤️

This His & Hers comforter is going to be PERFECT for my wife

This way she can steal it all in the middle of the night and have the best of both worlds.

That's it, that's the joke. (But it is kinda cool)

Yes, I've been praising hardware a lot lately. Here's a palette cleanser for that:
It is COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE that I have to pay $7.99 for basic window functionality in macOS, that's present in any other modern operating system!

I feel you

Linus dropped my name on the WAN Show, ProtonUP gets a GUI, Valve and AMD have great plans for FSR, and much more in my new video!!!

A new issue of my is done! Here's a personalized take on a few things I want you to know about, including FSR on , 5, a new must-watch video from about Linux apps, and much more!

"Dammit, , why won't you connect to my WiFi network? Oh, there's a pending update..."

Some things never change. Except for the fact that my Start button has also mysteriously stopped working. It just straight up won't work.

This is awesome!
Watch the new GAMES FOR EVERYONE intro created by the talented

Count me in,!

(link is timestamped so you all can quickly see what I'm referencing)

Recommendations requested!
My wife loves reading, and she's looking for an e-reader like this one, that has an e-ink display but also lets you easily install Android apps.

Are there any other options that you would recommend?


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