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Seriously, this newsletter is so good I'm trying to refer more subscribers -- not for money, but simply to unlock ANOTHER one of's newsletters!

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After receiving it for 2 weeks, this is the best and most useful tech newsletter I’ve ever subscribed to. It’s pretty much required morning reading for me now. via

By a show of likes on this tweet, who's interested in a cryptocurrency mining guide for Linux?
(Important note: I do NOT recommend spending a fortune to get into the GPU mining space. I *do* recommend throwing your existing hardware at it because of wonderful profitability)

New plan: Wake up and check all the random "silly / cute animal" channels with my morning coffee instead of the latest vitriol and chaos on social media.

2021 is already exhausting, but we CAN at least control the first things that enter our brains when jump out of bed.

Here in the entire country is coming together to help earthquake victims. Even taking vacations to do so. Meanwhile, in America...

One of the first things I noticed about Croatians is this: they've HAD war and violence on their soil.

They're done with that bullshit.

Another goddamn earthquake. Really had enough of these!

Today is fake Christmas Eve at the Evangelho house. So made m... I mean Santa's favorite cookies.

(To learn more about our fake christmas:

On a semi-related note, 3 years ago at Forbes I wrote guides to cryptocurrency mining, targeted at beginners. Unsurprisingly, those 3 year old articles are exploding again, but I won't see a penny for them.

Do not create content for platforms that don't believe in evergreen.

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ICYMI: GPU mining is profitable again. If you have a decent, modern GPU in your PC (I'm talking RX 580 / GTX 1080 or newer), you need to get on that.
Radeon VII $7.36/day
Radeon RX 5700: $4.35/ day
RTX 2080 Super: $3.27/ day
This is after $0.10/kwh electricity costs

“For a personal computer, the Pi 400 is very power efficient. As an experiment, I used it for 8.5 hours, watching Netflix, browsing, and writing this article powered by a 10000mAh portable charger.”

Linux For Everyone magazine returns from the holiday break with a really comprehensive 400 review from Stephen Cross. He even measures power draw and estimates yearly energy costs compared to his other PCs.

Really honest and useful review.

Any other creators out there starting to realize, with a certain amount of dread, that you may be more successful writing erotic novels and managing your dog's TikTok than doing thoughtful time consuming content?

Just me?

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