The Apple M1 Max chip's teraflops performance is slightly faster than a PS5.

So would you place the M1 Max graphics performance at the RTX 3060 level?

If so, that is extraordinary. Especially considering the much lower power requirements.

I have to wonder: will game publishers start paying attention to macOS now?

(And this is still M1!)

Apple: We removed the Touch Bar and added the ports you want!

Also Apple: Oh and we gave the new MacBook Pro a notch.

Do we know which "powerful discrete GPU" Apple is comparing against yet?

Apple M1 Max = Exists.
32 cores.
4x performance of Apple M1.

Ok. Fine. I'll take some buyer's remorse and a glass of wine, please.

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So, M1 Pro = M1X?

OK, I don't have buyer's remorse... yet!

I WILL have buyer's remorse if the bezels disappear on the new MacBook Pro.

Welp. 🙁

"App Tracking Transparency made no difference in the total number of active third-party trackers. We further confirmed that detailed personal or device data was being sent to trackers in almost all cases."

Join us for a special episode of the new podcast!

We get to know new co-hosts and by discussing our current passion projects.

Then we examine the state of our online privacy and find it... lacking.

In case you missed it yesterday, the BRAND NEW Linux For Everyone show is out!

Go make fun of us, leave some comments, and enjoy the conversation!

Yep, there's a new graphics card.
I slapped the RX 6600 into a Thelio and I'll be asking the important question: WILL IT LINUX (and on what distros?)

Stay tuned.

I've been benchmarking like crazy and have to throw out a random thank you: to for making Forza Horizon 4 one of the most superbly optimized PC games.

I constantly notice that there's almost NO gap between average FPS and minimum FPS across all resolutions.

I installed Windows 11 on my test bench last night to benchmark some new stuff. Gotta say, I am thoroughly enjoying the overall visual makeover across the board.

It's still Windows, and I prefer Linux or macOS, but it's a VERY welcome improvement over Windows 10 so far.

"Progress is made by the improvement of people, not the improvement of machines."
-Stenwold Maker from "Blood of the Mantis" by

What a powerful line that will probably always feel applicable in our modern lives.

Making awesome progress on the new site today! Stay tuned, this is gonna be quite a ride!

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