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A quick side-by-side video showing Terminator Resistance running on with AMD FSR at:
— 4K Native, Max Settings (RIGHT)
— 4K using "FSR Balanced", Max Settings (LEFT)

The clip running with FSR enabled gets a 62% framerate boost and looks almost identical.

A brand new video is ready for you! gamers, you're gonna want this.

Today I'm working on a video highlighting ProtonUp, an awesome tool by to automate the installation and updating of's Proton-GE.

(Btw, is responsible for most of's thumbnails)

Hey fans: wants to send me a laptop to review. Which one interests you the most?

The first "Summer Series" video is almost finished and I'm so proud of this one. It also features a bunch of YOUR customized desktops!

Watching a nice walkthrough on by and i stumbled across this poor word choice during the installer.

Guess girls can't use it?

Just saying, let's avoid this kind of stuff in the community. Let's be more inclusive. It's not a boys club.

Final video project. This thing is a beast and Kdenlive handled it like a CHAMP!

With announcing 2025 as EOL for Windows 10, that confirms a new version coming within (probably) the next year.

Regardless what your OS of choice is (mine is ), I'm curious what features or user experiences you want to see in the next version of

I just wrapped up a ridiculously fun conversation with the team at! But took over this episode ...🐧😆

I'll share the link here as soon as it's ready!

Last year thrilled Linux fans with a TON of hardware announcements, and a promise to treat as a first-class citizen. Well, I have a gripe.

But, I ALSO have an update directly from Lenovo's Mark Pearson!

I want to show people how easy it is to contribute to their favorite and projects, and HOW MANY WAYS they can contribute -- without knowing any code.

Please help with this one! It will eventually live on the new website.

Just because a developer is making a "free" product, doesn't mean they don't ALSO have the right to create income streams for it. And you have no right to take that away from them.

A rant about and entitled users in today's newsletter:

I'm glad I revisited the RX 6800 series in today. It's working flawlessly out of the box with 33 (after an initial system update).

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Unpopular FACT:

Installing GPU drivers is easier on than it is on

Several of the most popular Linux distributions auto-detect and auto-install the driver with little to no user interaction required.

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