Today I'm in my comfort zone: working from the Steam Deck, gathering comparison screenshots of @thunderbird 78, 91, and 102 for some upcoming blog content.

I mean, using + for work?

This is going to be a very unpopular opinion, but I've always tried to keep it real and honest when discussing and tech stuff:

My workflow feels smoother and looks better on my M1 (yes, with macOS), than on this HP Dev One with Pop OS.

Thunderbird runs better and looks nicer on my Mac, various apps like Element, Edge, WhatsApp, file manager seem more stable too.

To put it succinctly, everything feels more COHESIVE on macOS. That's just the sobering reality for me.

The wonderful devs added Dracula themes! it looks pretty...well, sweet, with my Sweet KDE setup! is an awesome resource for gaming on Linux -- and soon will be an excellent resource for gaming on Steam Deck. I just submitted my first Steam Deck report there! I'll be talking more about this in the future, so stay tuned!

Bluetooth devices currently connected to my Steam Deck.
All "pair and play." No tweaking needed.

(Screenshot for an upcoming article about using Deck as my main PC for 30 days)

1-click installs are here for Steam Deck! This is going to make it EASY for average users to use non-Steam apps.
If your app is already distributed as a Flatpak, most of your work is probably done.

More details in my article:

Check out the (amazing) performance boost you'll get running with AMD FSR, and what you'll need to get it running on .

Help the OS developers look toward the future, even if you aren't currently using the distro. (Or , for that matter)

If you have awesome , or news you think is worth covering, we want to know about it!

Send email tips to News@OpenForEveryone(dot)net

The first step of an awesome plan? A proper brain-dump! Here's what wants to do for the streaming community on .

I'd also like to write an AMD FSR guide for Lutris users!
But for now, here's how gamers (especially those of you with lower-spec systems) can get a nice performance boost.

To my PR and Marketing friends: Beginning today, I am resuming an active Senior Contributor role at

Please send me your carefully considered , , and pitches.

My DMs are open.

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