Imagine if Podcast listeners could financially support the show on the app they're listening with.

Imagine if the host could enable contributions to be split between themselves and the guest. Or with the project they're featuring!

Imagine a music podcast where the artists featured could get a split of that financial support automatically. Directly to them, not a label or a licensing organization.

All this functionality and more is being built right now!

If you have awesome , or news you think is worth covering, we want to know about it!

Send email tips to News@OpenForEveryone(dot)net

Every week on, we give a developer the microphone to talk about their work and their passions.

This week it's who works on! Give a follow and enjoy some fresh perspectives and stories each week!

This week on, Hugo Locurcio takes the Twitter mic to talk about his work on, and share advice to other developers.

Read the interview, then make sure to follow for his insights!

I want to show people how easy it is to contribute to their favorite and projects, and HOW MANY WAYS they can contribute -- without knowing any code.

Please help with this one! It will eventually live on the new website.

Hey everyone, I've started an account for my podcast and related and ramblings.

Find it here: @Linux4Everyone

Are you a who uses and to create your songs? Know someone who is? I want to hear from you!

Send 1 of your favorite tracks in mp3 format, a link to your site or bio and a little bit about your workflow to:


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