The wonderful devs added Dracula themes! it looks pretty...well, sweet, with my Sweet KDE setup!

Adjustable in-game refresh rate for ! Mark my words: Valve will test this for a while, and then add a 40 FPS limiter option to Gamescope.

Can't wait!

I only bought a few games for my Sega CD.
And this one still gives me the feels!
Can you name the game?

This game is 22 years old.
Damn, Virtua Tennis holds up you guys!

Long live Dreamcast games.

It's my very first Retro Achievement!
"Assist Me Please" for 5 points.
Can you guess the game?
(RetroArch automatically takes a screenshot the moment you achieve it. SO COOL!)

Hi, will you please consider pre-installing the Orca screen reader on SteamOS? It's a valuable accessibility feature for blind people and is ready to be slotted right into Plasma's accessibility features.

Switching gears to I thought I'd try the Low preset -- but with the lowest Ray Tracing preset added to the mix to be mean.

Don't bother trying this 😁

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For anyone who's wanted a Linux gaming crossover, we've got you covered...
Stay tuned for the full episode and awesome clips on all of our channels and feeds!

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