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HELL YEA! Best game of Vampire Survivors yet!
Also, a quick performance update: Late-game is definitely playable now with the Performance Mode option checked. Still just below 30fps on Steam Deck, but perfectly playable!

IT'S HAPPENING and I'm about to cry tears of joy.
Thank you

Welcome to Linux, Master Chief!

(For those who don't understand: that file that got added near the bottom? That's the Linux version of Easy Anti-Cheat)

Welllll things with KDE spin aren't going well.

Fully updated, using Wayland on an all AMD system.

Watch what happens with the menu when I move to the edge of the screen.

This is certainly not the outcome I was hoping for.

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I forgot how cool Wallpaper Engine is. And yes, this is Windows! 😜

I only bought a few games for my Sega CD.
And this one still gives me the feels!
Can you name the game?

My Steam Deck emulation experience took a positive turn today...

(on a related note, I really miss this game!)


Game emulation is VERY important to me.

When I left the US for Croatia, I packed two bags and left the rest behind.

This picture represents 1/2 of the console collection I had. (To the left was a CRT TV and Atari, NES, SNES, Sega 32X/CD, Saturn, 3DO, Gameboys...)

This game is 22 years old.
Damn, Virtua Tennis holds up you guys!

Long live Dreamcast games.

It's the summer of 2000.
I am stunned at the realization that I have invested hundreds of hours... into a tennis game.

I plan to sink more hours into it now on Steam Deck!

It's my very first Retro Achievement!
"Assist Me Please" for 5 points.
Can you guess the game?
(RetroArch automatically takes a screenshot the moment you achieve it. SO COOL!)

Achievement Unlocked: RETRO ACHIEVEMENTS!
The Steam Deck emulation setup continues...

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To give you an idea of just how much time (and headaches) EmuDeck can save you: here's a parser configuration for one emulator (left).

And on the right, a PARTIAL screenshot of all the emulators it preconfigures for you.

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It's time to transform my Steam Deck into an emulation station!

My experience with Linux Mint 20.3, summarized in 60 seconds.

I had a few requests to try LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga on Steam Deck, while docked, using 2 external controllers.

Works like a charm!

OK here's the quick + and dirty verdict for on Steam Deck!

Playable: YES!
Controls recognized: YES!

I recommend using the latest GE-Proton (7.14) for between 45-60fps. Proton Experimental and Proton 7.0 are not performing well (yet).

Steam Deck tip: Slay The Spire is an excellent rogue-lite game that happens to sip power, and it still plays well even at 15fps! Sliding the Deck's frame limiter down to 15fps for this game can give you 8+ hours of battery, even with brightness at max and WiFi on.

Here's a sample of what I see from my sidebar right now.
Linux putting up good numbers! haha

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