The Apple M1 Max chip's teraflops performance is slightly faster than a PS5.

Apple: We removed the Touch Bar and added the ports you want!

Also Apple: Oh and we gave the new MacBook Pro a notch.

Yep, there's a new graphics card.
I slapped the RX 6600 into a Thelio and I'll be asking the important question: WILL IT LINUX (and on what distros?)

Stay tuned.

Making awesome progress on the new site today! Stay tuned, this is gonna be quite a ride!

A sneak peek at the next app spotlight!

It's Autumn and cold outside now, so I can make this without being judged, right? 😂☕

I obsess over the music Iisten to in the car. But today I just clicked a Daily Mix and dammmmn! is feeding me so many songs that sound perfect on a Friday morning drive.

Really energized now.

So setting up a mail server... that's a nightmare!

(I'm trying to set up Discourse on That part was fine, but getting Mailgun and all the DNS configured properly...)

*Checks email*

"Hope you had a nice weekend! I wanted to quickly connect with you to share some Bud Light Seltzer news I thought you’d be interested in."

A survivor is born...

FINISHED 2013's Tomb Raider today (the macOS port) and thoroughly enjoyed it. One less game in the backlog!

Now it's onto Rise of the Tomb Raider. Let's see if the M1 MacBook Air can handle that one as well.

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I love shopping at Laughing my ass of right now at the quality, A+ descriptions.

Real talk incoming later today on the channel.
Just me, a camera, and some thoughts about

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