I'm leaving the Star Trek Book Of Friendship on my desk permanently. I have a feeling it'll be the source of some much-needed smiles and good vibes. 🖖

The wonderful devs added Dracula themes! it looks pretty...well, sweet, with my Sweet KDE setup!

Reminder: contributing to open source can be as simple as suggesting a change to a website.

In this case, someone noticed that our @Thunderbird Careers page listed our anti-discrimination policy underneat two available positions, but NOT underneath a third one. Which can create some confusion!

So I fixed it. Boom, I contributed.

Anyone else hope Mastodon gets away from the word "toot?"

(Also, yes, most Americans probably associate toot with fart...)

HA! legally acquired after creating a Linode cloud server and having @bashfulrobot remote into my PC to do some SSH tunnel wizardry.

Legally acquiring music should not be this hard!

But hey, now I have a Qobuz account and can use it here in Croatia since I "registered" in the US ;-)

Thanks to everyone who recommended it.

(Btw, Eddie Van Halen's son plays and sings EVERYTHING on this album. The harmonies are divine, the hooks are infectious, the melodies are catch as hell)

I have now tried both 7Digital and Qobuz (based on your recommendations) in an effort to purchase some of my favorite new albums digitally.

This is what I'm faced with and it's supremely frustrating. Here I am, someone TRYING to spend money on music and services saying "nah, we don't want your money."

This is why some people just pirate music ffs.

Hi @mastohost! Your service looks really tempting, but as someone not up to speed on all the lingo, some of the package specs confuse me.

Can you please explain what concurrent requests are?

I'm a Thunderbird user now!
Any add-ons you'd recommend?

Yes, I obviously have the Dracula theme already installed !

(And no, I don't mind you seeing my email addresses)

Any PC builder with the audacity to include boring, generic green RAM modules in a $5000 pre-built should be ashamed.

What on earth happened to @Alienware@twitter.com?

Full teardown video from @GamersNexus@twitter.com -- and it gets MUCH worse than this. youtube.com/watch?v=DY1dlVPzUV

Hey @hotelsdotcom@twitter.com you want to calm down with the emails?

I know this sounds a bit irrational, but after using my Steam Deck for almost all my gaming, the IDLE power usage of my desktop GPU (@RadeonRx@twitter.com 6800 XT) and CPU (@AMDRyzen@twitter.com 3900X) seems totally absurd.

Not sure how much longer I'll use a desktop PC as any kind of daily driver...

Honest question here: Do "tens of millions of games" even exist?

Just finished Book 9, and I am profoundly sad that this riveting, thought-provoking space opera is over. Thank you @JamesSACorey@twitter.com for a decade of adventures with the Roci crew.

Good morning from Krk Island.
I'll be here with family for the next 5 days enjoying the sun 🌞, sea ⛵, and (ofc) Steam Deck 🐧🎮

Playtracker estimates that Steam Deck deposits (not final purchases) are at almost 1 million!

The Verge also has some insights that support this number:

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