@killyourfm @thunderbird Looking very good indeed, always felt inundated with too many features and options in Thunderbird, but version 102 is looking very sleek and way more streamlined.

@killyourfm @thunderbird I hope this version will resolve my issue with CardDav, it works flawlessly with GMail but I don't use that anymore and with ZohoMail I need to put in my password every time (even though I say save password) and it seems to duplicate.

@gstml @killyourfm the moment the go Proton (not Photon) is the moment I switch to something else.

@gstml @killyourfm ...and it was what make me switch to Brave. Different tastes.

@gstml @killyourfm yes, ugly, but all least UI doesn't take half of my screen estate away :catjam:

@gstml @killyourfm Thunderbird 91 uses Photon icons, but Firefox switched to a new design style (Proton) and new icons, and that style wasn't working for Thundebird.
We're slowly working towards our own design identity and visual language.

@killyourfm @thunderbird this is looking NICE, as someone who daily drives thunderbird on Fedora this is a welcome addition :yay: :yay:

@killyourfm @thunderbird Can we configure those? I'd want to make the Spam one (is that a flame?) as maybe a poop icon.

@killyourfm @andbenn lol. You can by changing it with your own icon via the userChrome.css

@alecaddd @killyourfm Awesome. Once the new Thunderbird version lands in Arch's repos, I'll tinker with it!

What is the icon in the picture for spam? Looks like a futuristic weapon or flame from an angle. Sort of.

@killyourfm @thunderbird Nice! Is there any concept art for the upcoming Supernova overhaul publicly available?

@karlemilnikka @killyourfm Hey @alecaddd do we have share-worthy mockups yet? I know some are floating around out there, but positive those are outdated.

@thunderbird @karlemilnikka @killyourfm not yet. We will release those later this year once plans are more concrete and we can properly assess expectations

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