Want to use an reader (like InoReader or @thunderbird) to view your YouTube subscriptions, but you have no idea where or how to FIND the RSS feed for a channel?

Install a browser extension like "Awesome RSS" (Firefox) or "Get RSS Feed URL" for Chrome/Edge. Serious time-saver!

🙏 Thanks to @sheogorath for the suggestion!

@sheogorath @fabiscafe Yea, they just made it more difficult to find, but it's still functional!

@killyourfm @thunderbird @sheogorath You don’t have to install an extension. You can simply “view page source” and search for string “channelId”. Then the RSS url is “ #profit

@killyourfm @thunderbird @sheogorath
Or try to add "/feed" to the URL,
"" for example.

Works 8 times out of 10.

8 out of 10 sites are in WordPress which happen to have this past for RSS by default, I guess
@killyourfm @thunderbird @sheogorath

@killyourfm @thunderbird @sheogorath some feed readers (notably my own Feeds app 😁) support just pasting the website link into the app and they automatically try to find the appropriate feed URL to add. Why not adding this to #thunderbird as well?

@gabmus @thunderbird @sheogorath that's brilliant. Sure would make feed discovery easier for our users.


Also if you use an alternative frontend to youtube like

When you check a channel it shows you an RSS button to subscribe to the channel via RSS.

@thunderbird @sheogorath

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